Sunday, December 2, 2007

"I'm using my butt to make bubbles!"

Ellie's knowledge of the digestive system consists of:
  1. We eat food. It goes to our bellies, then it goes to our butt and comes out as poop.
  2. We drink water and it comes out as pee.
During her bath tonight, she announced not only that "I'm using my butt to make bubbles," but also that "We drink bathwater and it comes out of our butt as bubbles."

It must be wonderful being 3.


Michelle said...

Oh, dear. Someone said girls were neater and less nasty than boys. Boy were they wrong. They fart just as loud as boys.

Even at the dinner table.

Motherhood Uncensored said...

Just so long as it's only bubbles coming out of there during bathtime.

We've had the butt bubbles that turned into, well, you know.