Monday, December 17, 2007

Preschool Naps

We finally did it - Ellie is now doing full days, including naps, at preschool.

She's only been going part-time since she started, mostly because I figured that (a) she wasn't ready to spend the whole day away, and (b) it wasn't worth paying them to watch her take a nap. But as Matthew's schedule began to become more and more disrupted by having to bundle up, get in the car, drive to and from preschool, and get back in the house, I figured it was probably time to try it.

Tuesday was Ellie's first day sleeping at preschool. I wasn't planning on having her do it yet...only on Monday did I ask the principal if she could switch to full days. But when I was there to pick her up after lunch today, and Ellie found out that it involved sleeping on a blue cot with a blue "preschool blanket," I had no choice. Of course I didn't - blue is her favorite color!

She went flapping (hopping with her arms waving) over to the teacher practically shouting, "I WANT TO SLEEP ON A BLUE BED WITH A BLUE BLANKET!" Then she walked around the room looking at the other kids' cots asking "Is that one mine?" When her cot was finally set up, she got in and couldn't get the smile off her face. It was a little touchy when she figured out I wasn't staying, but when I reminded her that "of course Miss Vanessa and the other teachers will stay" she seemed okay.

Remarkably, she's done well with 4 days of naps at preschool. Wednesday night she did announce that she didn't want to sleep at preschool any more, but has done well despite that. Friday I didn't even go to tuck her in at nap time.

I'd like to think my luck is going to hold out, but if past performance is any indication of future results... *laugh*

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