Friday, November 30, 2007

They aren't as good as Stompers

As a kid, back when I was shameless about my greed, putting together a Christmas list was easier. But now I find that (a) I have some shame, (b) I don't really need anything, and (c) it's a lot easier to buy what I want myself anyway. I suppose if I were someone who liked new adventures, it would be a bit easier, but this year all I want is for Christmas to go smoother than Thanksgiving did.

Once we started putting lists together for our children (3 and 1), it got MUCH harder. Right now both kids are so fascinated with our Roomba that I should get them each one and let them clean the house!

But that doesn't stop people from wanting to get us something (no, I'm not complaining!). So I'm trying to figure out what makes a gift memorable. Unfortunately, the most memorable gift that comes to mind wasn't mine, but one of my brother's - and, like most of my strong memories, it involves me being an idiot.

In the 80's there were these dopey toy trucks called Stompers, and there was a major competitor whose name I can't recall. EVERYONE wanted a little truck, and my Aunt and Uncle got my brother the competitor's version. He loved it, and I'm sure they were made by exactly the same child labor that made the Stompers, but I'd seen enough TV to become brainwashed. I made the comment - yes, in front of them - that "they aren't as good as Stompers."

I don't recall much from my childhood, but I clearly remember frantically backpedaling immediately after saying that. "Well this one looks great, though!" "I must have been thinking of another brand, because this one looks just like Stompers." "I wish I had a truck like that!" "Wait a minute, I thought you got him a different kind, I didn't know this was a [whatever it was]!" Sheesh. Sorry Uncle Allen and Aunt Sandy!

The only gift I remember getting specifically was 2 cassettes (that's pre-CD time for you younguns) - "Hi Infidelity" (REO Speedwagon) and "Pyromania" (Def Leppard). It was around 8th grade and I was REALLY excited to get music that wasn't by the Bay City Rollers (although the blue cassette I had by them looked pretty neat).

Other than that, I don't specifically recall any other gifts, although I'm sure there were some which, at the time, I couldn't live without. Now all I remember is an overall feeling that they were all given with love behind them.

And isn't that kind of the point?


Motherhood Uncensored said...

Woo Bill! You started a blog.

Bill said...

Yeah - what can I say, I was motivated to write after our Thanksgiving experience!