Wednesday, December 26, 2007

XMAS 2007

Thank goodness it went better than Thanksgiving did!

Actually, I can't imagine it going too much better for us. The kids both did great, making it through the whole morning of presents!

Although, I wouldn't have minded getting some more sleep. I imagine normal people's sleep schedules look like:
10:00 pm - get ready for bed
10:15 pm - get in bed and start going to sleep
10:30 pm - sleep
6:00+ am - wake up and enjoy Christmas

Someone else decided I should have a modified sleep schedule. Last night was fairly typical, although I think the thought of Santa may have made it a bit worse:
9:45 pm - fall semi-sleep on couch
10:30 pm - get ready for bed
10:31 pm - read in bed, remember none of it because I'm too tired, finally fall asleep
2:30 am - wake up hearing "Fix my blankies please!" Go tell Ellie to go back to sleep (after congratulating her on using "please")
4:30 am - wake up hearing "I'm siiiiick. I need to barf...I need a barf bowl." RUN into Ellie's room to see her smiling at me. Tell her to go back to sleep
5:30 and 5:50 am - wake up hearing "I'm ready to go downstairs!", call out to Ellie to go back to sleep
6:11 am - wake up hearing "It's a six," meaning that it's finally after 6 am and I can now wake up and get her out of bed.

Still, if that's my biggest problem, I'm happy. Tired, but happy.

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