Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mena, the Dog

Wow, today has really sucked bad.  I took Mena, our 8 year old dog, to the vet because we thought she had a really bad cold, or pneumonia, or something like that.  After the X-rays, the doctor told me it was serious, and I definitely wasn't prepared for the rush of adrenaline that I got.  The vet told me that Mena had a lot (a LOT) of fluid around her heart, and that we could either go to the emergency vet, take her home, or put her to sleep right then.  !!!

I raced to the emergency clinic, and was told that no matter what, it was not good.  It was just a matter of how not good it was.  A few months, weeks, days.  They did the ultrasound on Mena's chest.  Apparently, it's not liquid.  A huge mass has crowded her organs and that's why she's been having problems.  

Any solutions they could offer would be more to ease our pain, not hers.  So we brought her home, took her for a walk, and are all telling her how much we love her.  That's all we can do for now.  When the time comes, if she doesn't choose for herself and die at home, we'll take her in and put her to sleep.  I hope the time is obvious, because I can't imagine making that choice right now.

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