Monday, September 29, 2008

Another old dog

Wow, talk about a tough week for dog lovers at our house.  It's now Gideon's turn at the vet.  He developed a swollen red eye, and it was all red, so on Friday I took him in and got some pills and drops.  They didn't work as well as the doctor had hoped, so they're now recommending we take him to the opthamologist.

What's giving me the chills is the fact that the vet didn't sound very happy on the phone, and she said there "could be something behind the eye."  On Friday one of the causes she mentioned was a tumor.

Have I mentioned that I'm not too keen on losing another dog right now?

Over the weekend my stomach was in knots worrying about this.  After talking to the vet, I'm having a problem typing this because I'm literally shaking.  I just can't imagine something awful happening so soon to last weekend.

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