Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mena, 2000-2008

When it comes to family dogs, none were better than Mena*.  When we got her in 2001, it was as a playmate/friend/sister for our other dog, Gideon.  We were actually looking at another dog at the shelter, but Gideon and the other dog ignored each other.  When the shelter volunteer asked if we'd seen Mena, I said, "Who?"  She was so polite that she was just curled up in the back of her kennel behind some other dogs, and I hadn't noticed her.

When she came out to the play area to meet Gideon, the two of them ran around like maniacs, playing and splashing in the wading pools, chasing balls, and generally having a good time.  She was DEFINITELY the one.

It wasn't until after we got her home that we realized what a sweetie she was (in addition to coming pre-housebroken).  She could wrestle around with Gideon, but then she'd come in and sit in our laps if we let her.  It's not necessarily easy for a 55 pound dog, but she tried it.  She loved being around people, but was so polite you might not notice her.  As soon as you started petting her, she'd snuggle right in for attention.  And with fur as soft as hers, who could resist?

Once we had Ellie, we started to realize how amazing she really was.
She was so gentle and sweet with Ellie, even as a baby.  Once Ellie became mobile, she would follow Ellie from room to room.  Tugged tails and pulled ears didn't seem to bother her - she just loved being with her people.

Along came Matthew, and Mena just got better and better.

Two kids trying to poke, prod, pull, jump on, and otherwise abuse her didn't seem to bother her any more than just one did.  She took it in stride, and we loved her more and more every day.  

I'm going to miss her more than I ever imagined, and I hope that everyone has the chance to have such a wonderful family member as Mena. 

*Mena, also known or referred to as: Mena B., Mena B. Zoo, Mena Bazoo, Squirley Girley, Sweetie, Furball #2, Yellow Dog, Yellow Hound, Wiggler #2, "Ma" (when Ellie was little), "May-May" (when Matthew was little)


Red Cup Mom said...

Hi, just landed here from motherhood uncensored. I am really sorry to hear about Mena. We had to put down Heidi not too long ago. It is so hard to do this when they are so good with the babies. May Mena RIP. She was a happy dog in the best home!

Nadine said...

She was such a sweet dog. I'll forever cherish the memory of her gently waking me up (at 2AM!), and politely leading me to their bone-dry water dish. I smile every time I think of it, and I'm so glad to have that last memory of her.