Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Wimps

Yesterday it snowed several inches - the first good snow in a couple years, and the first real snow Matthew has seen. Both preschools were closed, everyone was excited at breakfast, and we couldn't wait to get in the snow. After a quick breakfast we all got dressed, jacketed, mittened, hatted, grabbed the sled, went outside, and it wasn't 2 minutes before the complaining began.

"I'm cold!"
"I want to go in."
"My arm hurts!" (snow got in his jacket)
"My butt hurts!" (from riding in the sled, I guess?)

They lasted almost 10 minutes, although the last 5 were solid complaints. We would have come back in earlier but I was dragging them through the neighborhood on the sled and I couldn't get home faster.

After snacks, and a lot of pleading, I convinced them to go out back to make a snow-kitty (Ellie's choice). We sledded in the yard about 1,000 times (it's about a 20 foot "slope" that requires my pulling most of the distance) and then made the body of the kitty. Then the sweet, sweet sound of - complaining. Well, at least we made it about 30 minutes this time! Hurray!

Today school is open, and I guarantee all I'm going to hear is begging to play in the snow. *sigh*

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