Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. "Patritches" Day

Today was a pretty good day. We went into D.C. to see The Ringling Bros. "Parade of Animals" through the city. Basically, they trot a few elephants and some horses, along with a couple carloads of clowns, a couple miles from the train station to wherever they're doing the circus.

I couldn't believe there were no PETA folks along the route.

Anyway, the kids both had a good time, and it even took Ellie until our way back to the metro to begin begging for snacks. Anyone who's spent time with Ellie knows that is just amazing. Part of it was probably where we were standing. We were at Stanton Square, and picked a spot where nobody else was standing (at first). By the time the elephants came by it was pretty crowded, but we were in the front. And it was perfect, because they stopped the elephants in front of us to do their little trick.

After that, a few horses and clowns, and we were good to go.

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