Monday, March 9, 2009

I Now Speak Like a Child

In the last few months I've caught myself (several times) using words my kids use. In public. Around friends and strangers. And it's gotten to the point I don't even correct myself. So, in an effort to make life easier for my friends, here's a dictionary to help you. I can't remember all of them, but here are the three that get high use. Especially the first one. *sigh* I wonder if when my kids are grown I'll revert back to being an adult?

Jamamas -noun- Pajamas

BanBan -noun- Banana

Foonie -noun- Smoothie


Red Cup Mom said...

Foonie would be too awful to use in public, no? Ask for one at Jamba Juice and they will give you a wedgie instead?

Eryn at said...

I have no promises that you'll revert back. My only suggestion is to read lots and lots of dry, boring books with big words in them.

When I find my vocab starting to back-slide, I usually realize that I'm not reading enough books without pictures in them.

Good luck, our worst is that the kids call my dad "Pap" short for "Grandpap" which is what he called his grandfather.

But that was back before using Pap in a sentence without prefacing it first conjured up trips to the OB/GYN.

Madatmama said...

At least this isn't something only I do. Although I feel particularly bad for my husband who said that the ladies at his office pointed out the other day that he occasionally says "bye bye" to a client!