Friday, October 3, 2008

The Perfect Walk

I went on the perfect walk this morning.  Gideon, Matthew, and I went to the W&OD trail right by our old house.  It started with a great car ride.  I moved the seats around so that Gideon could get up between the kids' car seats and put his head up by me.  It didn't take him long to do that, and he rode the whole way to the parking lot with his head under my arm.

He was SO excited to be there that I had a tough time keeping Gideon in the car while I got Matthew into the stroller.  Once we were set, we did our old "usual" walk, along the W&OD trail from Carlin Springs to Wilson and then back along the Four Mile Run trail.  I'd forgotten how much Gideon (and I) have missed that trail.

When we got to the far point by Wilson, Gideon needed no reminding that it was his old pooping grounds.  Happy doesn't begin to describe his reaction.  He even managed to do a toe wipe that threw some sand around.

A happy Little G at his "pooping grounds"

After that, we cut through the field and back around the "back way" so we could come back next to the Rose Garden.  The weather was perfect - it was in the mid to high 60s, the skies were bright blue with a few clouds, and there was a nice breeze.  And the trail was practially empty.  When we got to the picnic area, it was just too nice to pass by.

Sorry Gid, there's no picnic here for you

After a quick rest, and getting Matthew his snacks that I had been promising him for the whole walk so far, it was time to go again.  And by "time to go", I meant for me.  Every time I walk anywhere near the bathroom at the picnic area, my bladder starts yelling.  So we all went in.  Gideon waited patiently at the door, of course.

Gideon is pretty used to waiting for me in this doorway

Ahh...finally it was time to head on.  A quick trip by the Rose Garden, and then back to the car along the Four Mile Run trail.  It was wonderful following the path through the woods.  As we headed under the Carlin Springs bridge to go back to the car, Matthew fell asleep.  Gideon was still pulling hard, so I decided to add on our other "usual" walk - the W&OD trail from Carlin Springs to Columbia Pike and then back along Four Mile Run.  We hadn't done the "superwalk" in a long time!  

A few of the trees were starting to change color on the way out, and it was nice crunching through a few leaves.  By the time we got to the far point of this leg, Gideon was pretty tired.  At the pooping zone, all he wanted to do was flop down for a while.

A very tired Little G

We waited for a while, and he managed to get enough energy up to jump up and woof at another dog walking by, but quickly flopped back down again.  I was happy to wait with him, and will never forget how peaceful it was listening to the crickets and birds, with some water flowing in the distance.

After a while, my butt got too wet (from the grass, in case you must know) so it was time to go.  With a little coaxing, Gideon got up and we both hobbled along for a while...him on his bad hips and me on my bad knees.  We got warmed back up, and headed back to the car.  This part of the walk was probably my favorite...all I could hear was the sandy wheels of the stroller turning, Gideon panting, some critters making noise, and the water flowing in the river.

When we got back to the car, I scrounged up some water for Gideon and let him drink while I got Matthew up and out of the stroller.

Messy?  Naah...

I figured Gideon would plop down and do his heavy breathing in the back on our way home, but I found my arm quickly covered in dog slobber...and wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

The happiest little soul

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Nadine said...

I could have done without all the bathroom details (both human and canine :>), but it sounds like you're making his last days pretty special ones...