Monday, October 6, 2008

Gideon, 1999-2008

My best friend is gone.  I've known a lot of dogs, but none were like Gideon*.

I first saw Gideon, a 3 month old “Shepherd Mix”, wiggling in a cage at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center.  He was such a cute puppy that I couldn’t believe he was still available.  We took him on a walk, and I was hooked.  While we were filling out the adoption paperwork, he peed on my shoe, so I guess he was hooked on me too.  From that day on, he was my “little guy” and I was his “dude.”

How could we resist this?

Or this?

We didn’t have kids yet, and we raised Gideon accordingly.  I loved wrestling with him, letting him gnaw on my hands and arms while we were playing (he was always so gentle).  And when we played outside he would go crazy every time I threw his "ropey ball" or rolled his "geometry" toy (a strange red globe-toy-thing for dogs).  He would bring it back to me all day long, but then move it just out of my reach.  It was our little game, and I loved it.

Geometry was a favorite

One of my favorite memories with him was planting the grapefruit tree in our old yard.  He helped me dig the hole.  His favorite tree, however, was the avocado tree.  He would eat anything that fell on the ground, even if it was still rock hard.  He'd just gnaw through the pit and everything.

Working on the Little G tree

One of his favorite "at home" activities was destroying tennis balls.  First, he'd chew it until it broke a little.  Then he'd "shave" it with his teeth and pull all the felt off.  Finally, he'd chew it a little more to turn it into a thousand pieces.  It was so much fun bringing a new can of tennis balls in - as soon as I'd pop the top he'd smell the "new tennis ball" smell and go bonkers!  And when we went for walks in the park he would concentrate on finding a tennis ball around the tennis courts.  He could sniff out tennis balls that were so far back, and then not give up until he (or I) got them.  He'd parade around for the rest of the walk holding it in his mouth, dropping it on my feet, and just looking like a proud father.

Even in the snow, tennis balls need chomping!

Of course, he loved going on walks.  Gideon wasn't like a lot of dogs - he preferred to stay on trails or sidewalks, and would rarely explore from side to side.  It was all about going forward, getting to the next stop.  On the W&OD trail, which has a yellow stripe down the middle of it, he'd always walk right along the stripe.

As our family grew, he missed being an “only child,” but he loved being part of the family.  And through everything, Gideon was always an amazing friend.  He always knew what I was feeling, even if I was trying not to show anything.  When I was happy, he'd be all wiggly.  When I was mad or upset, he'd go to his crate (even though I wasn't mad at him).  When I was sad, he'd come put his butt on me and let me rub his fur.  In fact, putting his butt on things was one of his favorite things to do.


Here Ellie, let me put my butt on you!

From the day I met him to the day he died, Gideon was always a puppy at heart.  He was, and will always be, my little guy - and I will always be his dude.  I cherish the memories of our time together, and I miss him more than anyone can imagine.

*Gideon, also known as Little G, Gid, Gid Kid, G-Monkey, My Little Guy, G-Man, Gidster, Brownhound, Mr. Stinkypants, Mr. Man, The Furry Buttcheeks McGee, The Gentle G, Stripeyback, and many combinations of the above

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Red Cup Mom said...

Gosh, I am sorry to hear about Mr. G, too. I came over here a while ago and was surfing through my bookmarks tonight. It must be hard to lose two loving dogs in such a short time. Hope Ellie understands.