Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Great Zucchini

Matthew and I went and saw The Great Zucchini the other day, and in hindsight I should have taken Ellie too. She was fascinated by the stories from the show. Okay, the story (singular). All Matthew says about it is, "It was TOILET PAPER!" And then he says "Eeewww..." and laughs.

[He's referring to the part where TGZ puts toilet paper in his mouth and then pulls out a bunch of colored streamers.]

Anyway, Ellie was full of questions:
"Dad, what's The Great Zucchini?"
"He's a man who entertains kids."

"What does he look like?"
"Kind of like daddy, but he needed to shave."

"What color was his shirt?"

"Did he have a tail?"

"What color is his hair?"
"Dark brown."

"Was he wearing a hat?"
"For part of the time."

"What color was it?"
"I think brown."

"Tell me about his hat..."
etc., etc., etc.

Perhaps you glossed over all those, so I'll repeat one of her questions. "Does he have a tail?" WTF?!? What on earth is going through her head when she asks THAT? The beauty is she just smoothly moved on to the next question when I said no.

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