Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why did Susan flush Matthew down the toilet?

The other morning I was telling Sharon about a dream I had. The dream concluded with one of my friends (Susan, or "Mrs. O" as she's known to the kids) and I watching Matthew having fun swimming in the toilet by the grocery store checkout stand.

Did I mention the dream was weird?

Then Susan flushed the toilet while Matthew was in it, and I had to jump in (it was a big toilet) and get him out of the drain. All was fine, we checked out and I woke up.

The problem is that I told this dream in front of Ellie, who remembers and obsesses over things like nobody you've ever seen. And her brain works on these things even when she's doing something else. As soon as I finished the story, Ellie began asking, "Why did Mrs. O flush Matthew while he was in the toilet?" Uh oh.

Her line of questioning lasted from breakfast until I dropped her off at school, and resumed when I picked her up. In the couple of days since I told her about it, she's brought it up at least a couple of times each day. The funny thing is that she understands it was a dream, but can't figure out why Susan flushed Matthew.

Oh well...she can just add that to the list of things she describes to her therapist in 30 years, right?

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