Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Girls

Ellie is turning into a little girl. And by that, I mean she's starting to squeal at anything that's either very good or very bad. And sometimes even just mediocre.

She came into the house after I'd brought some Christmas decorations, and she squealed - "EeeeEEEE! It's Santa! Hee hee hee!"

She saw a spider (well, it was actually a piece of dirt, but I swear I vacuum) downstairs - "EeeEEEE! A spider! Daddy, come get it! DADDY! Where are you!?!?"

She also likes to sneak up on me. It's fun to pretend that I don't see her coming, and then at the last second turn and scare her. "EeeeEEEE!" (makes funny face and runs away) "Daddy, don't scare me like that!"

Mr. "Me Too" (Matthew) has also taken to squealing, because of course he has to be just like his big sister. The greatest part about it is that he doesn't really understand when to do it. So when he thinks it might be appropriate, he looks at Ellie to see if she's going to do it. If she does, then he does (and he gets a big smile, too).

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