Thursday, February 12, 2009

A clean bathroom

This morning Matthew interrupted my cleaning the kitchen (this is bigger than it sounds, as it happens so rarely) to cry to me that Ellie was playing with the wipes in the bathroom and that she yelled at him not to.

Wow - almost an hour into our day before the first tattling. It's nearly a record!

So I went into the bathroom and found Ellie, fully clothed, holding a flushble wipe. Well, that's what I think it was - it was wadded up so tightly that it had it's own event horizon. Upon further questioning ("What are you DOING, and why are you yelling at Matthew?") she informed me that she was cleaning the bathroom and he was just pulling wipes out and throwing them away. A quick look in the garbage can confirmed half of her story. And she WAS standing over the toilet getting ready to rub the wipe on it.

Five minutes later, after letting her use the lysol wipes instead of flush wipes and after advising her to keep them flat instead of crumpled, the bathroom was clean. The toilet (all parts), the sink, cabinet, and stools. All. Very. Clean.

Now I know it wasn't that gross, because the maids were just here it's not like she reached her breaking point and just HAD to clean it. She just decided to help out. What a sweetie.

I wonder what she's about to ask for.


SP said...

Good Daddy! Train them young! I love that the Things do the majority of the cleaning at my house every other week. It leave more time for me to drink booze and surf for porn.

Bill said...'s that? I've never heard of that. Should I go check some out?

kimmyk said...

i use to love giving my kids a spray bottle of window cleaner and a roll of paper towels and telling them to have at it. they would wash everything down and crumple up the paper towel in their little fat fists and go to work. it wasn't perfect but it kept them busy and then for all their hard work they would totally get treats. (treats usually meant going to the DQ)

mine are now teenagers and i got a better chance of seeing GOD than see either one of them pick up the spray bottle or the paper towels. but i do have the memories and that's okay with me.