Sunday, February 24, 2008

The doctor has surely seen worse

So Matthew went in for his 18 month appointment on Friday. He'd already been sick for a couple of weeks, apparently (hint, hint, note the foreshadowing) with what I had also come down with - a super-cold. The Mother of All Colds. The "call your wife and have her come home early from work because you can barely make it to the car to pick up the kid" cold. Anyway, he was still kind of sick, so I figured that it was still worth going to get him checked out, even though we wouldn't get the shots.

He has 2 ear infections. Whoops.

The child is a trooper, I have to admit. Other than poking his ears a couple of times, he didn't seem like he had any more than I did. Well, he's teething too, but other than that...

So we are at the doctor's office, and Ellie was out of school because of the huge "winter event" that didn't end up happening, so she came with us. Not to be outdone by 2 ear infections, she barfed at the doctor's office.

Sorry, she "barfded." While I was getting Matthew naked. OK, it wasn't the first time that day, but I thought she was empty.

So here's what I don't get. If a kid barfs at the doctor's office, wouldn't you expect that they'd kind of clean it up really well? I ended up cleaning it up with some wipes, then asked for some clorox wipes (explaining what had happened). They brought me some, I wiped the area down, and then they sprayed some Lysol around.

That was it. EEWW! Had I mentioned that Matthew was running around naked? In an office where goodness knows what had happened, and how poorly it had been cleaned up? Bleah.

You know what's worse? I forgot to wash BOTH kids hands before eating lunch later. What the heck is wrong with me?

(although at least I Purelled them)

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