Friday, January 11, 2008

6:10 am

"It's 6:10!!! I WANT TO GO DOWN THE STAYERS!" (she drags "stairs" out to at least 2 syllables...hey, she's from Texas!)

And so another morning begins. Fortunately I've already gotten ready, since this is the usual routine. Get up at 4:30 when Sharon's alarm starts going off. Get up every 10 minutes for about an hour when her snooze alarms go off. At 5:45, after she's out of the shower, take my shower and get ready. Read until 6:10, at which point Ellie calls out.

Once I get into her room, she points out that "it's now 6:11." Thanks.

This morning there was a twist. She was laying in bed while I was getting her clothes out, and we had this little conversation:
"Ellie, did you get a good night's sleep?"
"Yes. I was picking boogers after I got up."
"Oh. What have you been doing with them?"
"Smashing them."
"Uh, where?"
"In my hand. Whenever you pick boogers with your fingers, you ALWAYS need to wash your hands."
"That's good advice, dear."

At least she's learning about hygiene, right?

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